Sunday, June 18, 2006


I was invited by Dave James to participate in a weekly character theme. "Wrestler" was the challenge in honor of the new movie 'Nacho Libre' (which was hilarious, by the way, for all you who've not seen it yet). I'm hoping to take this 'ere macho nacho man and paint him up in the near distant future. Thanks for letting me play too, Dave. This was a lot of fun!


Dave James said...


This guy is awesome! Love his huge delts. Hope you color him.,

Hey, I gotta send you and email...or maybe it can wait til iChat on Monday.


Jeremy Spears said...

Katie, this guy looks good! Glad you could join in this time. I did a boxer accidentally instead, I don't know what I was thinkin, oh well. Keep it up! Later


Adrien Rivera said...

heya KAtie! great wrstler real fun! :D and yaa, your a BIG slacker! :P

Adrien Rivera said...

spelling... *cry*