Thursday, March 13, 2008

Illustration Friday - Garden

One of my neighbors growing up had a full-size, yet fake well in their front yard. It was surrounded by a lawn and a garden and I used to attempt to chuck pennies into it from the sidewalk (this vexed my neighbor greatly, I think). So whenever I see a well I think of that house and while "well" isn't the IF topic this week... I can connect the two thru my mischief-making memories. This here's a card I did for my dad a few months ago. It's in a cut-paper style I've been doing for Lakeshore lately.


elizabeth said...

Nice! I love a good cut paper illustration, and this one is certainly good.

Dave James said...

I like this style a lot.

EL GRANDE said...

Nice story to accompany a lovely illustration.

Joe y Elio

Anonymous said...

Your last 3 posts are all great.

Manu Martin said...


I have never seen such a simplified well.
Simplified artworks are amazing in your blog.. especially the snake in below post.

Manu M