Wednesday, October 15, 2008

balanced breakfast

This boy's about to partake in a delicious new product ... Sugar Boogers! Kid tested, Mother disapproved. Okay, that was lame. sorry :)

I made this up for another one of my flash assignments ... it was a VERY short clip of the boy pouring milk. So short that I'm just showing you a screen shot and not the actual animation cuz it's really not worth it. My Flash midterm is coming up and I'll post that, (if it turns out). It's going to be Halloween themed!

It's a bit surreal taking a class again. I'm having a great time, but I kinda feel like I'm time-warping back 4 years. Workin on homework every week. Walking on campus with a backpack and a pop tart. Sweating in a trailer-like classroom with no air conditioning, (These hot and dry santa ana winds really need to blow away). But I must say that I'm loving it. I think I'll take a silkscreening class next semester! :)

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Jono Doiron said...

Love the name of that cereal - sounds delicious! You have a really fun, playful style.