Monday, January 05, 2009

feeling super

I've been sick for the last 2 weeks. That's right, for both holidays I sat on the couch looking not so pretty. Oh well, I must say it was pretty relaxing because it FORCED me to do nothing. And nothing is something I don't do very well. So I got to practice doing nothing, which I guess IS something. uhhh, yeah. So anyways, now I'm feeling much better and ready to accomplish all my 2009 goals! And because I'm feeling more super-duper, I thought I'd post some not-so-recent sketches of a boy with a towel-cape tied round his neck cuz he looks super-duper :)

Oh yes, I should note that these sketches were done for the legendary Mr. Jeff Andrews over at

Go 2009! Let's DO this!


Dave James said...

Fun drawings! (as usual)

You did not tell me you posted something, now I will have to post something.


The Silver-Torpedo said...

I say bring it 2009! Last year was good and bad like extreme for me some really good and some really bad. So I can only hope for the best!