Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dino Time

I just found out that a few of the board games I designed last year are available for purchase on Lakeshore Learning's website (item #s LL691-LL694)! So that means I can finally show y'all, Yay! These games are targeted toward teaching kiddsies how to tell time. It was SO MUCH fun to work on this project! Dinosaurs? Atlantis? Space? Aztecs? I mean, really? Who could ask for more?

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering about the Star Wars sketch cards... you probably weren't but since I said in a previous post I'd be posting them today I figured I should update... Topps has pushed the release date to Wed, the 18th next week. If they actually keep with that date, you'll be able to find them RIGHT HERE. Ok, well not right here, cuz here is where this post is, but... um... yeah.


realwedding said...
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Tim Bye said...

Wow Katie these look great - I LOVE the colours!!! :o)

Todd Oman said...

These games came out really nice Katie, to bad I finally just got that whole time telling thing down I could of used these. Yeah hurry up with those Star Wars cards if they are anything like the Indiana Jones ones they will be great I am sure.