Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What an amazing weekend I had at the SCBWI Los Angeles conference! SO GREAT! I only recently became a member of the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators and when I heard there was a summer conference in LA I just had to go! It was 4 full days of inspiring speakers and panels, schmoozing with fellow illustrators, agents and editors and staying in a beautiful hotel room. It was so delightful that I am tempted to save my pennies and go to the winter conference in NYC. It's a great opportunity for networking and getting your work seen and your name out there. If you've never heard of SCBWI or haven't gotten involved with it yet... I highly recommend!

I created this yearbook page image as the title page to the portfolio I hefted around all weekend. I admit a few of the characters are based off of friends from high school, so if any of you Lancers notice a resemblance... uh, HA HA!


Sara W.E. said...

Love the yearbook spread SOOOOO much! It's brilliant:) So glad to meet you there... it _was_ a great time!

mai s kemble said...

Nice! I've always wanted to go, but couldn't afford it! Hopefully I can, and maybe we'll meet up in NYC!

Juliann said...

Hilarious. . . what a great idea. I totally carried one portfolio around with me at all times, too. And it came in handy!

todd + beth said...

ha i see a familiar name on there. subliminal advertising. i like it!