Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Me Good Arrrrm"

Originally uploaded by katiemcdee.

Blimey! It were good to paint yesterrrday, it'd been a long while. This 'ere matey was sittin' in me sketchbook just awaitin' to be done up all pretty.


Alina Chau said...

Really cooool painting!! Love the character a lot! So much personality! :)

martin wittig said...

Wow! very niiiiiiceee. I'm trying to do a series of pirate designs right now, and this just got me in the mood!

Ben Reynolds said...

Katie, nice job! I wish I could friggin paint! Its tough sledding for me...you have done a very nice job on this!!

Dave James said...


Great work!

I'd be honored to have a link on your blog.

May I return the favor?


Katie McDee said...

Alina, Martin, and Ben: Thank you so much! You guys are so awesome and I really appreciate your comments!

and Dave, thank you too and I'd love to be linked on your blog!

Queen Tut said...

Awesome work!