Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Topps-Empire Strikes Back

Here are my cards for the Topps Empire Strikes Back 3D trading card set!

Once again I had the great pleasure of drawing Han, Leia, Luke, droids, Chewie and of course, Darth. This series is a different shape than the standard 2.5x3.5, so I had to approach each card more cinematically. Well I tried to, anyway :) And I also made 25 of them red to be sold only at Target. Good times.

The 6 full color cards will be return to me sometime late May or early June and I will be putting them up for sale.

Hope you have been having a great April. Use the Force, my friends!


J.H. Everett said...

Loving this all over the place! Fantastic stuff!


thetoymaker said...

These are so lovely! Best Tauntaun ever!

Dave James said...

love the giant worm coming out of the asteroid.

Matt Young said...

Best IG-88 ever! So glad to see you're on this set. Love your stuff.