Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Missing Box

Here is a painting that was recently published in the May issue of the Friend Magazine. For this assignment I painted in watercolor rather than digitally, and it was a real delight as I rarely get to physically paint for clients.

Here is the page layout with my 2 paintings, as I also did a title illustration :) Enjoy!


thetoymaker said...

What I love about this piece are all the cool kid details you put into it, like the robot, the dog and especially his cool socks.

acte gratuit said...

Love it! Awesome!!!!!

Gulzar said...

Hiya Katie, these ones are nice and the empire strikes back is lovely :)
I like em! :)

Anonymous said...

Katie, I saw this in The Friend and was glad to see you had a blog so I could follow your work! I love it!