Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Candy Rush now available in the App store!

Woah, 2 posts in 2 days. Unprecedented! But I just had to tell you THIS...

Appy Entertainment just released a new App for the iPhone and iPad called Candy Rush and guess who created the art for it?! ME!

Candy Rush is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game where you run a Candy store and package candy box orders using assorted candy treats like truffles, chocolate covered strawberries, and candy canes in different combinations and special orders.

The guys at Appy are fantastic (and handsome) blokes who did an amazing job putting this game together. They were a delight to work with and get this, they even named the main character after me. LOL!

So if you'd like to meet Katie the Candy Shop owner and help her deliver candy boxes to her sugar crazy patrons, It would be beyond awesome if y'all would check it out! You can learn more about it, see more screen grabs and buy it here!


thetoymaker said...

This is so cool! Super Cool! I want an app character named after me! (I also want a candy store but that's another conversation.)

Congrats, SuperKatie!


Kevin Bannister said...

AWESOME! Congrats Katie!

Anju said...

How exciting! that's pretty awesome.. congratulations, will check out the app!

Carol said...

Congratulations! Your illustrations are just great and perfect for this kind of game :-)