Tuesday, February 08, 2011

SDG&E Kid's Corner

Hey all! So a little over a year ago, San Diego Gas & Elec called and asked if I'd create artwork for an 'ultimate tree fort' interactive website dedicated to teaching kids how to conserve resources. And today I just discovered it's live and working!


Basically, you scroll over elements in the fort and click the ones that move. Then information pops up with a characterization of the object you clicked on and you can also print out a coloring page of that character.

It's so great to see it up and animated. The genius web guys over at SDG&E did a great job!

I'm really proud and thankful to have been a part of this project. Not only is it so important to teach kids (and adults) the importance of conservation, but this project also took me back to my childhood summers when the neighborhood kids and I would go down to the canyon and build massive tree houses out of scrap wood, cloth and tarp. Our forts weren't nearly as cool as the one I got to design here, but they were pretty darn close (in our imaginations). Those were really great times but this time it was really fun to build a fort again without the splinters and bugs, haha.

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Jennifer Gray Olson said...

Love it!! Great work Katie