Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here's a little illo I did for the theme over at Sugar Frosted Goodness. I've decided that while I love illustrator, I need to pump up my digital painting skills. I started out this one but outlining the strokes in illustrator and importing them into Photoshop. Then I used custom brushes and some textures to mimic my traditional watercolor technique. I think the experiment went pretty good ... I certainly learned a lot. I'm going to keep experimenting with digital painting and hopefully find a looser and quicker style. But for now, I'm just excited to have something other than work or flash class stuff to post, haha.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Halloween Everybody!

I promise that one of these days I'll have something other that my Flash homework to post!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

balanced breakfast

This boy's about to partake in a delicious new product ... Sugar Boogers! Kid tested, Mother disapproved. Okay, that was lame. sorry :)

I made this up for another one of my flash assignments ... it was a VERY short clip of the boy pouring milk. So short that I'm just showing you a screen shot and not the actual animation cuz it's really not worth it. My Flash midterm is coming up and I'll post that, (if it turns out). It's going to be Halloween themed!

It's a bit surreal taking a class again. I'm having a great time, but I kinda feel like I'm time-warping back 4 years. Workin on homework every week. Walking on campus with a backpack and a pop tart. Sweating in a trailer-like classroom with no air conditioning, (These hot and dry santa ana winds really need to blow away). But I must say that I'm loving it. I think I'll take a silkscreening class next semester! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Read About Me - Available now!

Back in January I got a call from the good folks at Lakeshore to illustrate a book called 'Read About Me'. It's a fun-to-create keepsake album sold through Toys To Grow On. (click here to see the product page). How much fun was this book to design??! My good friend Dave James and I slaved on it for 3-4 weeks from beginning to finish and it turned out beautiful. It's in a cut paper style, which was new for me at the time, and I really enjoyed it. Here are some of my favorite spreads :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

learnin' me some flash

I'm taking a flash class and loving it! Flash is an amazing program and I'm REALLY enjoying playing around with it. I wish I had more time to really dive into it's depths each week, but with my schedule lately, the simple acts of going to class and doing my homework are feats in and of themselves. This was the assignment from last week, we had to make our names "explode" off the page. Nothin' like blowing yourself up!