Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I finally did it! I've been meaning to buy a listing on for a while now but couldn't find the time... UNTIL NOW! Hurray! Sure is exciting to have another place to showcase my work. Formatting all the images and thumbnails took quite a while and showed me some things I need to work on to make my portfolio stronger. I'm feeling all motivated and energized to make that port of mine more shiney :) It's on like Donkey Kong! That portfolio doesn't know what's coming. Oooo doggey.

PS: The link to my profile on is right there --> on the right side bar. See it? You can click it if you'd like... go on, you know you want to! :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Topps- Star Wars!!!

Yay! I can finally show you these! Drawing some of my favorite movie characters of all time was so much fun. I only did 106 Star Wars cards (unlike the 258 for Indiana Jones) because I was short on time. I wish I had done more, but oh well. Now if only Topps would ask me to do Lord of the Rings... My life would be complete! haha... I hope you enjoy these, I certainly did!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Valentines Day everybodies! Seeing as how I'm gonna be helping my friend move all day tomorrow, I'm not gonna have time to post this on the real Heart day, so it's going up today. Woohoo!

Today I had a lot of fun playing with the 'live trace' tool in Adobe Illustrator. Believe it or not, I'd never used it before. Shock! Dismay! Drool! I know, I don't know how I've gone on this long without it. Fun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dino Time

I just found out that a few of the board games I designed last year are available for purchase on Lakeshore Learning's website (item #s LL691-LL694)! So that means I can finally show y'all, Yay! These games are targeted toward teaching kiddsies how to tell time. It was SO MUCH fun to work on this project! Dinosaurs? Atlantis? Space? Aztecs? I mean, really? Who could ask for more?

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering about the Star Wars sketch cards... you probably weren't but since I said in a previous post I'd be posting them today I figured I should update... Topps has pushed the release date to Wed, the 18th next week. If they actually keep with that date, you'll be able to find them RIGHT HERE. Ok, well not right here, cuz here is where this post is, but... um... yeah.