Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Bday Dad

This post goes out to my amazing father... it's his birthday today!! Have a great one daddio, I love you :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

recent sketches

These are a couple of sketches from a project I'm working on :) Looking forward to coloring them!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

lernin me some Fotosherp

I've been taking some time these past couple of weeks in Photoshop to work on my painting/coloring skilz and add to my portfolio. It took me a while, but I've finally decided to focus on digital painting as opposed to traditional painting. I LOVE watercolor, but I'm very slow at it. The benefits of digitally painting are too important at this stage in my career, I think. I value 'true' paintings so much and intend to keep up with it, but for the sake of speed, revisions and cntrl+z, I'm goint to focus on my compy generated work. I mean, who wants to spend 10-15 hours on coloring an illo and an AD to come back and say, "Love it, but we'd actually like the kid to be older." or "Um, could the dog be a cat instead?" And then you have to repaint the whole thing! I sure as heck don't want that. No sirree Bob. And besides, I like the effects/look of digital paintings. So it's all good!

Here are a couple of spot illustrations from a set of 4 I did recently (I haven't colored the remaining 2 sketches yet). Hope you like :)