Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Highlights

What an exciting month this is! My art is on the cover of this month's Highlights High Five Magazine and a "Highlights Best 'That's Silly' Illustration of the Year" Pewter Plate award showed up in the mail! I have three now! All that paired with a new baby girl and this is the best month ever! More exclamation points!!!

(Actually, Penny was born 8 weeks ago, but she's sill new to me (^◡^ )


Alyosha said...

What's the Pewter Plate Award? Sounds fancy.

Thetoymakers said...

Wow! I am so doing the happy dance for you. Pewter plates and beautiful babies... all around awesome. Big hugs, M

Chuck Dillon said...

I just saw this now. Congratulations, Katie! It's a great piece!